Re: gnotravex Broken in gnome-games 1.0.40?

On Fri, Sep 24, 1999 at 06:48:15PM -0400, wrote:
> gnotravex doesn't seem to work right.  It looks like it's getting stuck in
> some sort of initializing state.

Yep, that's in the BTS, which, BTW, is where reports like this should
go.  Check for more information.

I'm not sure when this one popped up.  I'm tracking it down (a bad
hack-fix exists).

I'm also looking for an Iagno bug, which, at least on my system, seems
to be gtk+'s fault.  Could you (or anyone) do me a favor, and start
Iagno with the tileset set to "classic"?  On my system, it initially
draws the screen blue, and then black.  It seems to be a missing
configure_event, gtk+ 1.2.4 gave me one, and 1.2.5 doesn't.  I'd like
to know if anyone else sees this.

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