Re: Bug status for 1.0.50

> Ok, this is just a quickie while I remember: The gnome-terminal has a neat
> way of underlining urls on mouseover, and you can right-click urls and ->
> Open in Browser. This is very cool. However, this doesnt work right if the
> url is broken to 2 or more lines (some urls pasted to IRC come
> to mind - they have a huge list of parameters) - in this case only the one
> line of the url that you right-clicked on gets passed to the browser.. But
> the whole url is getting underlined right anyway. 

Odd, i'm sure i tested that.  Should be a simple fix though.

> Other than that, I have been using gnome-terminal now for a month or two I
> think and it is very nice and cool. We had some mess-up problems with
> bitchx (the irc client) under screen, but they seem to be better now.

Yes that should be fixed now.


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