Re: Problem building mc on SuSE 6.2

> This problem in subshell.c seems to be because the check for grantpt
> succeeds.  grantpt is found in my (glibc 2.1).  The fact
> that it was found cached doesn't really matter; my system hasn't
> changed since I last built it (and indeed it does exist, so that test
> is at least in principle correct).
> #   include <stropts.h> /* For I_PUSH			      */
> #else
> #   include <grp.h>	/* For the group struct & getgrnam()  */
> #endif
> I'm not sure what the best fix is for this.  Certainly the use of
> I_PUSH is not conditionalized on HAVE_GRANTPT.  Maybe it should be
> something like this?
> #if defined(HAVE_GRANTPT) && !defined(__osf__) && !defined(linux) && !defined(__linux__)

No, actually the fix would be to autoconf for stropts.h and if so, use
the I_PUSH variant.

Can you submit a fix?


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