Volunteers to help with new project

I have the source code for a full blown CAD package which I have been
working on for years, but unfortunately it was written for MS Windows and
DOS. I am looking for volunteers to help me put together a GNU CAD
application. This will not be such a massive effort as it might seen since I
have already the 'C' source for such an application. The source includes
support for AutoCAD DXF file format upto release 12, PCX and PNG, render and
shading, 2D and 3D, in fact the usual stuff you would find in a CAD package.
The low level function are platform independant so should not present any
kind of porting problem. If there is anybody out there who would like to
join me in this project just send me your e-mail address with details of
what you would be interested in becoming involved with.

John Dean
my private e-mail address is john@rygannon.f9.co.uk. Please post to this
address and not to work e-mail address as this is not secure. For people
using PGP I will send my public key on request. That way I could use my work

In this world without borders or fences
Who needs Windows or Gates?

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