Re: Other things we need for GNOME 2.9

On Wed, Sep 29, 1999 at 02:33:16PM -0500, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> * The HTML engine
> This is a though problem.  We have various directions we can take
> here: 
>       1. Hope Mozilla is finished on time and is usable and
>          reasonable (Bonobizing it has been done one time already and
>          can be Bonobized in about 5 hours according to Nat).
>       2. Finish the new XmHTML port to Gtk, it is on the CVS.  If
>          someone wants to look at this they are more than welcome.
>       3. Write a new engine using the new gnome toys we have (canvas,
>          libart, gdome, css code from gill, gnome-vfs).

You should really check out Gzilla (or Armadillo, as it is now named).
It was one of Raph's projects, and he is still involved in it.  In my
opinion it is already more stable than XmHTML, and has been written for
GTK+ from the start.  Gzilla is a web browser project, not an HTML
rendering component, so there might be some work involved in extracting
the HTML rendering side of things.  See for more info.
One of the coolest things about it is that it's really fast (though this
is probably helped by the fact that table rendering is not implemented).

> I personally would like to discuss a plan that goes like this:
>       1. Write Bonobo component and interface for a generic HTML
>          rendering engine.
>       2. Wrap the current XmHTML on it, and possibly finish the new
>          XmHTML and wrap it around this.
>       3. When Mozilla is done/finished/released/usable we wrap this
>          one too. 

This sounds cool, as long as there is a way for the user to select their
preferred rendering component.

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