Re: Application window size.

> >The application does NOT make a geometry request.  If it is restarted
> >by the session manager, then the window manager must put the
> >application's windows where they were in the saved session.  This
> >means that the application must uniquely identify its windows.

On a slightly different, related topic ...

How does an application uniquely identify its (multiple) top-level

e.g. with gnome-terminal as it may have multiple windows open.

> The geometry of an application restarted by the session manager and the
> geometry of an application restarted by the user are two different issues. If
> the app is restarted by the user there's no reason it shouldn't use saved
>geometry settings, just as it can use geometry settings from the command line.
> Of course, the WM can override them.

I agree here, and most applications have no such option.


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