Re: window-in-window MDI


On Mon, 03 Apr 2000 02:28:58 George wrote:
> People are different.  There are people who believe it makes them work
> faster.  Actually good arguments for I've seen are
>   1) makes it easier to separate the windows with documents from the rest of
>      the windows
>   2) the individual windows don't have their own toolbar/menu , but that is
>      only on the main menu thus saving some space in some configurations
>   3) it is easier to find minimized windows of the mdi since they are in the
>      container window, rather then hunting for them in the tasklist

I don't like WIW but threre is one ability given by WIW that's useful. I 
use WIW features ONLY to do the following - am i all alone ? :
Divide a window application in several parts (two or more) and have 
different documents in each part. This is very very useful to do drag'n 
drop or cut and paste betwen two different documents or even between two 
parts of the same document.
I think this could do another Gnome MDI Mode. 

You can object that Top level MDI mode allows (theoretically) that. Yes, 
but in this mode:
 - you don't have an *easy* way to put two (or more) windows side by 
side. And if your Windows Manager have the ability to 'Arrange windows 
horizontaly or vertically', it will take into account all your windows 
and cover all your screen.
 - you will have duplicated toolbars and menus which eats the scarce and 
precious space of our desktops.

User are differents but situations too. For example, in some, i think 
that notebook mode is the geatest thing in the universe, and in others, 
i think it sucks. So it matters that there are several MDI modes to 
match all situations and all users.

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