Re: Where in the OS do we introducing GNOME

--- cd bates <> wrote:
> You mean like Enlightenment help, which comes up the
> first time a user runs
> enlightenment?
Actually, I think that right now the Gnome-help
browser appears with the default instalation session.
The browser shows the Gnome logo, and links to the
Gnome User's Guide, and other Help files. It could be
added just below the Foot image an introduction to
Gnome, free software and GNU(a paragraph or two).
On a later phase, words like free software, etc.,
would be linked to their own page where these concepts
could be better explained. Or maybe just use the very
good written and explained philosophical pages that
FSF's homepage has.

> It shouldn't be that difficult to
> implement, in fact, I'm
> surprised someone with a bit of spare time hasn't
> done it by now.
Changing the default homepage of the help browser
would be even easier.

Glad people agree that being Gnome a GNU project, we
have to better advocate GNU's goals and objectives.


> Yours,
> Chris.
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> Subject: Re: Where in the OS do we introducing GNOME
> > Yes, I have heard about it, but not read it,
> though.
> >  But I meant that some kind of an in-GNOME

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