Gdk-pixbuf 0.7.0 is released

Hello, lovers of massive API changes,

[Oh, wait.  Scrap that.  If I start like that, nobody will read this
message.  Let's try it again.]

Hello, lovers of hair-pulling,


Hello, lovers of living in interesting times,

Version 0.7.0 of the gdk-pixbuf library has been released.  This
version includes some very big and important changes, and old code
will *not* work with this version of the library; you'll have to make
changes.  Applications that were built with the old API should still
work with the old installed library, as the new library soname has

* Availability:

* Changes in this version:

	- The gdk-pixbuf library no longer requires Libart.  So we
          have some new types, such as GdkColorspace and GdkInterpType
          for (currently only) RGB colorspaces and all the
          interpolation modes for the scaling functions, respectively

	- The reference counting mechanism has been expanded so that
	  you can hook to the last unref operation.  This means that
	  instead of unconditionally finalizing the pixbuf, you can do
	  something else.  This lets applications implement a pixbuf
	  cache in a nice fashion, as the rest of the application can
	  use gdk_pixbuf_unref() as usual and everything will happen
	  magically in the last unref handler (Tim, Darin, Federico).

	- All structures that had public fields have been made
          opaque.  You will have to use the provided accessor
          functions instead (Havoc, Federico).

	- gdk_pixbuf_new_from_data() now takes a bits_per_sample
          argument, which must be 8 (Federico).

	- Due to these changes, I decided to increase the libtool
          version number so that old compiled applications will keep
          using the old libraries instead of crashing with the new
          ones.  The loaders were renamed as well(Federico).

	- gdk_pixbuf_render_pixmap_and_mask() will set the mask to
          NULL if the pixbuf does not have an alpha channel, instead
          of creating a solid mask rectangle (Federico).

	- Fixed a bug where the `frame' argument of the
	  GdkPixbufLoader::frame_done signal was not being specified
	  in the call to gtk_signal_new() (Federico).

	- The functions in gdk-pixbuf-scale.c now have some
          preconditions and sanity checks (Federico).

	- The gdk_pixbuf_*_simple() functions now fail gracefully if
          they cannot allocate enough memory for the new pixbuf

	- Many bugfixes (Arjan, Mark, Matt, Jonathan, Owen, Radek,

The API reference has been updated, of course.  I believe it covers
everything in the library; if you find anything that is missing or
incorrect, please notify me at once.  Programmer's documentation is
still lacking, though.

There is a new TODO list as well; please feel free to read through it
and contribute with patches.  The gdk-pixbuf library is getting very
near to be of 1.0 quality, and the API should be frozen soon after the
TODO items get taken care of.

Thanks to the many people who contributed to this release.  A new
version of the Eye of Gnome image viewer should come out soon; it will
depend on the amount of free time I have or the number of people who
send patches :-)



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