Re: CVS Server problems

I find this extremely annoying... I don't know if there is any fix to it, but
whenever I encounter it it goes away after I keep trying it... so it'll say
'connection reset by peer' the first time, 'unauthorized access' or something
along those lines the next time, and, third times the charm it'll work
(actually, I've noticed lately that for me it follows that exact pattern
whenever I try to get anything from CVS)
I'm not sure if that is a good solution... the best would be to get an account

On Thu, Apr 13, 2000 at 01:29:33PM +0200, Jens Finke wrote:
> Hi!
> Is there a problem with the anonymous cvs server? Everytime I try to login
> I get the following error message:
> > export CVSROOT=''
> > cvs login
> (Logging in to
> CVS password: 
> cvs [login aborted]: recv() from server Connection
> reset by peer
> Has anybody else this problem?
> Regards,
>     Jens
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