Re: Gnome segfault crash window

Juan Toledo <> writes:

> Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> > > If I understand correctly, I'd either have to distributed statically linked
> > > binary of my program or ask my users to patch their gnome libraries to get
> > > the desired effect, then, right?
> >
> > We can make changes in gnome-libs to enable you to define this if you
> > want.  It would require an upgrade in gnome-libs though.
> That would be great! And I don't think I'd be the only one to use the feature.
> And I wouldn't mind #defining the code to use it only if the gnome-lib is
> apropriate.

Just to point out - there is one way you can get things to work
the way you want without changing gnome-libs: at the beginning
of your program, you can set the magic environment variable
to turn off the segv dialog, then you can copy the segv dialog
launcher code into your program.

A bit cumbersome, perhaps, but it avoids introducing 
dependencies on changes in gnome-libs.


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