Re: gnome_config

I put a tarball of the config script I wrote (along with a few config
files for it) here:

The script can take the switches --expand, --cflags and --libs.  The
first will expand the list of dependencies for the selected packages.
Something like:

  ./pkg-config --expand zvt
  zvt gtk gmodule gdk xlib glib

(doing a `pkg-config --libs zvt` would return a reduced set of linker
flags to link with all these packages).

Note that the sample config files are a bit old, so it won't give
identical results to the current gnome-config, but it demonstrates the



On 17 Apr 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> James Henstridge <> writes: 
> > I wrote a (messy) gnome-config replacement a long time ago that handled
> > dependencies.  I could try to find it again if anyone is interested.
> > 
> I wouldn't mind having a look, if you can find it. 
> Havoc

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