Fmaps and gtkglarea

    I nearly got gtkfmaps child of gtkglarea. The trouble is that
gtkglarea needs to be initialised, and the gtkglarea structure is not a
pointer in gtkfmaps.

Struct _GtkFMaps
  GtkGLArea glarea;

so in gtk_fmaps_new(GtkFMaps *fmaps) I cannot do a
fmaps->glarea=gtk_gl_area_new(attrlist); as the result of
gtk_gl_area_new is a pointer (incompatible types in assignement)

I will have certainly to copy the structure... So far I cannot find how
to do it, nor do I find a widget in GTK+ that does similar stuff. I
would like to copy the code...

Also it seems there is the same problem in the class as I have seen most
users using a static GtkGLAreaClass parent_class=NULL; in their program
instead of accessing the parent_class item in the GtkFMapsClass

struct _GtkFMapsClass
GtkGLAreaClass parent_class;


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