Re: RFC: A draft proposal for the future of the GNOME printing system.

On Tue, 18 Apr 2000, Derek Simkowiak wrote:

> 	True.  It was only a minor point.  But I can't think of any other
> widely adopted printer language that is supported by printers out of the
> box.

Off the top of my head, PCL (Printer Control Language) which is quite
possibly more widespread than even Postscript is, since it is supported by
many inkjets and virtually all laser printers; Postscript, on the other
hand, is usually only featured on very high end inkjets and mid to highend
laser printers. There are a few other candidates with minor adoption, such
as Epsons ESC/2 command language.

And you can't really ignore the impact printers out there, which almost
never support the usual suspects for laser and inkjet printers. Common out
of the box languages here would be EpsonFX, EpsonLQ, IBM PP III, IBM PP XL
or Microline.

And then there's the imaging folks with their plotters that understand
ADI, GL, GL/2, RTL or even raw TIFF files.
Matthew Berg

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