Re: GConf problems

On 19 Apr 2000, Havoc Pennington wrote:

> Gustavo Joćo Alves Marques Carneiro <> writes:
> >    I did make a small test program. See the attachment. 
> > 
> >    I think the problem is related to some threads -- maybe some
> > deadlock. You can see in the backtrace below, that the program halts in a
> > pthread_mutex_lock.  Also, the deadlock only happens sometimes.  
> > 
> >    Could it be that I made a mistake? Should I call gdk_threads_enter
> > before unref'ing  the GConfClient object? 
> > 
> GConf isn't thread safe, I doubt OAF is either. GConf doesn't even use
> the GTK global mutex for its static data. So, most likely that's the
> problem.

  Even if GConf isn't thread safe (or OAF), there should be no problem
since I only call GConf functions from my main thread.  I never even call
any GTK+ functions from my other threads.  And in the example I don't even
create any threads.
  But it is suspitious (is this spelled correctly?:) that my program
blocks in a pthread_mutex_lock call.
  It's funny that once gconfd has started somehow (usually I have to run
gconfd&), the program works fine.

> Havoc

Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro

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