Re: Intro to GNOME and the FSF

> Another
> is the (IMHO) waste of GNOME's limited resources. GNOME does not have a
> whole lot of "marketing" per se to throw around promoting GNU.

We're not talking about a multi-million dollar television and film marketing
campaign here. We're talking about putting a page in the help browser that
explains GNU.

> ("Stability for the Masses."
> "Tired of Blue Screens?"
> "Try screwing your soundcard when your MP3 player dies with *THIS* OS."
> etc.)

"Try installing your soundcard with *THIS* OS."
(Sorry couldn't resist)

> Once Unix is #1, then we can worry about selling people on the
> advantages of the GPL over the commercial unices and the *BSD systems if
> we so choose. For now, let the GNU promoters promote GNU, they know
> better how to do it anyways. :-)

And let the Unix companies promote Unix, they know how to do it better anyways.
If we promote unix above GNU, then when we come to promote GNU, we'll have to
undo all the stuff we said about the other unices. "Yes, we said you could use
Solaris*, but now we want you to use GNU/(Linux|Hurd)". Seems a bit of a U-Turn,
that would be more confusing than just saying straight off about GNU.

(*)apologies to Solaris users, it wasn't a personal jab at you.

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