Re: Intro to GNOME and the FSF

On Friday, April 28, 2000 11:11 AM -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau 
<> wrote:
| Perhaps you are taking your information from, but it seems

Nope.  Try messages from RMS to the linux-kernel mailing list.  Basically 
he tried to define "operating system" such that (g)libc was the sole 

Intellectual dishonesty:

* rewriting the definition of the "Gnu Operating System" several times to 
make sure that Linux was included but nothing else was (finally settling on 
the "libc == glibc" definition --- no doubt until it's been ported 
* the FSF *turned down* Linux as a "Gnu Operating System" *until* it 
bvecame well-known in the mainstream --- then suddenly RMS was falling all 
over himself to claim the credit for Linux
* Linux contains many BSD-derived components.  Yet several messages from 
RMS to the linux-kernel mailing list and other public mailing lists have 
explicitly denied the BSD developers any right to credit for Linux.

I'm tired of it.  The FSF claims to support "free software" but it flies 
the pirate flag as readily as anyone else when it's to their benefit to do 

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