Re: Intro to GNOME and the FSF

> First is confusing the marketing and business types who do not
> understand Unix as it stands now, potentially leading them to believe
> that GNOME will not work on non-Linux Unix systems -- when dealing with
> business types, it is helpful to remember that if there is a stupid road
> that a presentation can be mentally taken down, chances are at least a
> few in the audience will take the presentation down that road. 

Dude.  GNOME is not about "Marketing" or promoting "Alternatives to

GNOME is about free software, and it is an integral part of the GNU
project.  I am not quite sure where you got a different impression.

Whether a user is confused or not about GNU, is completely
irrelevant.   It is then a good chance to educate users and tell them
why free software is important, and why freedom is important.


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