Re: po/

ERDI Gergo writes:
 > On Mon, 31 Jul 2000, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:
 > > [hilaire@ulysse dr-genius]$ grep gettextize
 > > grep: gettextize: No such file or directory
 > grep gettextize macros/ # :P

Unfortunately the gettextize command is never call when there is a sed
call to in the macro/

--------- macro/ ------------

      if grep "^AM_GNU_GETTEXT" >/dev/null; then
        if grep "sed.*POTFILES" >/dev/null; then
          : do nothing -- we still have an old unmodified
          echo "Creating $dr/aclocal.m4 ..."
          test -r $dr/aclocal.m4 || touch $dr/aclocal.m4
          echo "Running gettextize...  Ignore non-fatal messages."
          echo "no" | gettextize --force --copy
          echo "Making $dr/aclocal.m4 writable ..."
          test -r $dr/aclocal.m4 && chmod u+w $dr/aclocal.m4

The grep matches this in the

[sed -e "/POTFILES =/r po/POTFILES" po/ > po/Makefile])

at the end of the, so gettextize is never executed.

I check in other two Gnome package (ggv, Guppi) and their
script all finish with this sed call, so gettextize is never call from

I'm back to the "po/ in cvs" mode for now. :-\


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