contact info request


I'd like to know who's the maintainer of the certain GNOME tools namely
and several other

I've made several bug-fixes/enhancements etc for these apps (say most of
now compile and _work_ w/ libxml2, I've added libcdaudio support for the

cdplayer applet, so it works properly not only w/ solaris and linux but
all libcdaudio
supported platforms and so on). Now I'd like to pass the patches to the
community for support and further development but could not find exact
maintainers addresses.
If someone wish to check these patches and probably submit them into
tree, I'll send him them. Please note that I'm not subscribed to this
mailing list
(and probably won't be 'cause I'm not a GNOME developer I just want
to work properly :-)) so please write directly to me.

Sincerely yours,
    Alexey Morozov.

P.S. GNOME/GTK programming's fun enough :-). I just wonder why applets
have so
limited knowledge/interfaces to a panel they running in.

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