"Brandon S. Allbery KF8NH" wrote:
> On 08/01/00 09:49:11 -0700 Charles Iliya Krempeaux <>
> wrote:
> +-----
> | I'd imagine DOS having...
> |
> |       o no shared libraries
> |       o no long file names (... DOS has the 8.3 format)
Reading the FAT in raw from disk without the use of INT21h?
> |       o no multitasking
This is where I think the world stops for DOS. I do not know there is
native multitaking kernel in dos at all.
> |       o no protected memory spaces
DJGPP is expert in protected mode (DPMI)
> |       o no multiuser system (... that's probably not a big deal)
> |
> | Would make GNOME running on DOS difficult.
> +--->8
> But not impossible.  Check around for copies of DESQview/X 2.x; it gives
> you  the first three plus a working X server, and you should be able to
> still find the djgpp development libraries for it.
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When I tried to compile GTK+ the problem was "-lXt" as the first reply
said Xwindows
and this libxt.a both are no where near DOS. 
I do not know anything about Xwindows and GTK cannot live without it.

#Vikas Yadav, India

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