Re: vba at gnome

On 3 Aug 2000, Martin Oberzalek wrote:

> I'm working on a personality emulator. No, it's not a scientific
> project, it's just a game.
> Now my Problem: I don't want to hardcode the different personalities in
> the sourcecode, I wan't to load them from a file.
> What I need is an Interpreter. I need something like VBA under Windows
> I heard that such a project exists. What's the status of it and where
> can I find it?

It is quite easy to embed a python, perl or guile interpreter into your
application.  Each of these languages have gtk/gnome bindings, so you can
do GUI work from the scripting language.

There is some work on a visual basic clone for gnome apps, but it is
mainly for compatibility with windows apps rather than a general purpose
scripting language.



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