Re: IconList and threads

Jason Tackaberry <> writes: 
> I see a few problems with this.  Firstly, I know I can't call
> gnome_icon_list_append_imlib from a thread.  Even if the gnome icon list
> is thread safe (is it?), I know Imlib isn't.  I really would like to
> load the thumbnail into memory in a separate thread, so calling
> gnome_icon_list_append in the main (UI) thread isn't practical.  What is
> the best approach for this?  Any blocking in the UI is simply unacceptable.

You will likely need to write your own icon list. This is what
Nautilus does.
> Also, is there any reason the icon_list isn't using gdk_pixbuf, or is
> this just something that hasn't been done yet?

GnomeIconList was written probably a year or more before gdk-pixbuf
existed, and can't be changed until we break interfaces for GNOME 2.0.

> Finally, is there a way to get the text caption for the icon centered?

Don't know that one.


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