Re: multi-threaded apps.

On Fri, 18 Aug 2000, Ian Campbell wrote:

> > Well, the gtk_signal_emit function is a gtk function, so you should grab
> > the lock before calling it.  So if you want to emit a signal from an idle
> > or timeout function, you will need to do GDK_THREADS_ENTER() and
> > GDK_THREADS_LEAVE() around the gtk calls.
> > 
> Thats exactly what I wanted to know... Thank you... For some reason I
> wasn't considering gtk_signa_emit to be a  a gtk function. Duh!
> I expect I should use the lowercase variants though ?

Well, the lowercase versions are just functions that call the upper case
macros.  I don't know what the policy is on which set you should use.  It
would be better to ask that on a gtk list.


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