Re: committing gnome session changes programmatically... writes:

> Hello.
> I'm the author of grdb and have received a bug report which I'm not
> sure I can solve :)
> Basically the report that is grdb's capplet doesn't save an entry into 
> the session unless the session is saved manually. I have my desktop set
> to save automatically on logout, which must be sufficient as well (I don't
> see this problem.) Of course, I may have accidentally/subconsciously
> done a manual save at some point and its just always worked. (I'll have
> to check that)
> What I'm wondering is, can I force just the new entry for the capplet
> to be saved when the capplet is first run?

Since you can't save only _part_ of the session, you probably don't
want to save the sesion automatically, since that will result in the
control center being saved into the session.

You can look at the window manager capplet does it - it tells
the user that they need to save their session, and gives an
option of saving now or saving later.


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