How do I submit a new feature!

Hi everybody this is my first time here in this list.

In past days I send a mail to Anders Carlsson author of tasklist applet to both email address he holds as I did some changes to that applet but one message seems to be ok but have no response and the last was only a forward to an inexistent address.

Well the fact is I added tooltips to tasklist applet for every displayed task in order to let people read full window title opposed to see a cut text like Netscape...

For MacOS fans I also added a new feature to let configure not only text or icon+text for displayed tasks but also show only the icon as an "image says more than 1000 words" (well not sure, "Una imagen dice mas que mil palabras" in spanish. This new feature adds the posibility to show more than one column in verticla mode.

Additionally there are some code improvements.

After telling that the questions are?

Who or where must my changes be addressed to?

Who is responsible for taking a decision of what change/feature will be part of helix desktop??

Tnx for your help.

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