Re: patches and responses...

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 08:30:41PM +0930, wrote:
> > 1.
> > A simple one line fix for a bug that a friend mentioned to me.  I
> > believe that this bug is also reported in the RH beta bug tracker.
> I saw this one, i just didn't see it as important enough
> to checkout and build the whole tree for.  Its just as easy
> merely to never hit double-click middle
> button.  

Not quite - if you're trying to paste something eg. 10 times it's very
tiresome to have to click 10 times, but sufficiently slowly that it is
never interpretted as a double/triple click.

I admit that it is not hugely important, but it was bugging someone.

> Especially since no X gui that i've seen has ever
> used such an input (to me, its like saying the mouse doesn't
> work if you hold it upside down - its just something you 
> never do!).

Yes - it's fair enough to say that there is no such thing as a
double-middle-click, which is exactly why it shouldn't cause
unpredictable behaviour when you do it by accident.

> > 2.
> > A much larger patch to add a "fast font" menu to gnome-terminal.  ie.
> > your favorite fonts are available on the g-t menu with a single click.
> I only saw this one recently going through the archive (i'm
> not on the gnome-core bugs list, never have been).
> [...]
> Miguel is on holidays, I dont know if anyone else would add it
> to gnome-core, but if it hasn't been added yet I will look
> at doing that soon too (although i need to checkout and
> build gnome-core for this) if you would like.
> Perhaps HP was right, actually he was definetly right - bug
> the maintainer till the bite.  Although a cron job is
> probably not necessary in most cases :)

I mentioned this in an email to Miguel, but he did not reply to that
part of the email, and like Kevin, I am reluctant to pester busy people
by repeating emails :-)



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