Re: Gnome key bindings (was Re: gnome keys sucks)

"Mark R. Bowyer" <> writes:

> >From: Telsa Gwynne <>
> >And why on earth is help F1? I noticed that the links program does
> >this, too. Is that another Windows thing, or a Mac thing?
> Actually, I think it may have started as a Solaris thing - for those users who 
> don't have a Sun keyboard (remote login, X86 version or whatever) which has the 
> big [_Help_] key next to the [F1] key (with [Esc] between in some locales/ 
> configs).

My Epson QX-10 keyboard (CP/M late 70's(?)) has a <Help> key there,
with a red <Stop> key where the PC has escape. (Real nice keyboard
BTW-- wish I had the guts to see if it works with a PS-2 port :-)

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