Re: Directories/Files

On Fri, 25 Aug 2000, Sean Middleditch wrote:

> 1) File selection.  Everyone knows GNOME file selection is the worst
> thing there ever was.  It sucks.  Horribly.  if GTK isn't going to
> improve, can't GNOME improve the GNOME File Selector?  I'd hack on it
> myself, but I'm a tad bit busy with 4 other projects right now... maybe
> in a couple weeks?  Anyways, there needs to be easier navigation.  A
> real history bar.  Filtering, at least off of file names (*.txt, for
> example).  Perhaps an app could say select file of MIME type so-and-so,
> and have the file selector take care of that.. Etc.  It's just plain
> hard to select files in GTK, and not much easier in GNOME.

I've often wondered why the file open stuff was different to the gmc stuff
- on the mac it was the same, why was the File Open dialog different to a
Finder window?


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