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On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 05:54:59PM +0300, Ali Abdin <> said
> Pixmap theme will greatly slow down the responsivness. Oh - and I remember a
> long while back that Owen Taylor was working on a 'no-flicker' branch of Gtk+
> (flickering causes the Gtk widgets to look/feel slow). 
> It also really depends on your computer - If you have 32MB of RAM - GNOME will
> be slow. To be honest - I find GNOME to be very responsive as it curretly is
> (and I have only 64MB RAM and use a Pixmap theme). 
> The only real 'slowness' that I feel is with the startup times of some
> applications - and even then it is not noticeable (except for Evolution and
> Nautilus - but they are development apps)

I ran GNOME on a 486 with 24 megs of ram (when it was the only computer I
had, which is anytime before December 1999)  I found it to be pretty alright
in terms of speed, it really didn't run any slower than anything else.  KDE
was faster but not very much.  The real killer was loading up netscape, that
took many minutes.  I don't understand where all of these people quibbling
about GNOME being slow get their ideas.  GNOME has always been reasonably
quick and responsive for me.  The less/no-flicker stuff when it gets into the
main branch of GTK will be mad wicked cool, along with backing store with
stuff for popdown windows and the like. 

Geoffrey Reedy                             

"Unix-to-Unix Copy Program;" said PDP-1.  "You will never find a more
wretched hive of bugs and flamers.  We must be cautious."
				-- DECWARS

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