Re: Directories/Files

> Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > 
> > > I think we can add this to Gnome without messing around with the underlying
> > > OS - just give the feature a name that makes it clear the labels are
> > > shortcuts, not actual pathnames. Something like "Quick links". Then users
> > > won't expect them to appear in the shell, emacs, KDE etc - they'll just be
> > > a convenient feature of Gnome file selectors and file managers.
> > >
> > 
> > That's what I was saying!  Just something in the drop-down with like a
> > picture of a CD and a name, so that if I'm in /home/stm/Files and I wont
> > to open something on the CD, I can just select CD-ROM #2 and get the
> > file... its quicker, and easier for a newbie to remember than
> > "/mnt/cdrom2"
> Why not just create a bar on top of the file menu that users can
> add a list of directories to (like the favorites bar in netscape)
> Just make it easy to add/remove links from it. I think I'd prefer
> this to having to look for my favorite places to stash things among
> a large list of files.

That'd work great, too.  Or perhaps an entry in the main selection list
for 'favorites' or whatnot, a bit like the Windows "My Desktop" (though
don't store it on the desktop, that's evil).

BTW, How is the new GTK file selector for GTK 1.4 coming along?  Perhaps
I could build off of that or somesuch and make a nice file selector...

Sean Middleditch

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