Re: gsu (Was Re: More Political Stuff)

On Tue, Aug 29, 2000 at 01:49:32PM +0800, James Henstridge <> said
> I think that previously decided that this problem wasn't worth worrying
> about.  Since if you can sneak in a rouge theme like this, you could
> probably connect to the person's X server anyway, and sniff arbitrary
> events.  Making a special case for the gsu gui would not really help at
> all.

Oh yeah, the password prompter should definitely grab the keyboard while
getting the password, just like the secure keyboard option in gnome-terminal.
That way another application can't snarf the password.  

Geoffrey Reedy                             

"Unix-to-Unix Copy Program;" said PDP-1.  "You will never find a more
wretched hive of bugs and flamers.  We must be cautious."
				-- DECWARS

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