Re: question on gnome-vfs and openAFS/kerberos

> on 8/31/00 9:23 AM, Sri Ramkrishna at wrote:
> > I've got a question on gnome-vfs.  Any chance of kerberos support?
> > I could see this being a cool thing especially if you want to incorporate
> > openAFS support.  I know that I would be interested in that.
> No plans for this right now. But the gnome-vfs team is open about
> contributions.

Thats fair.  I don't see anybody else clamoring for this.  I've been
looking at the sources already.  The real problem is deciding how to solve
the general problem of authentication.

> If the people at Eazel get this feature request a lot from Nautilus users,
> folks at Eazel might add it to our future plans for enhancing gnome-vfs.

I'm going to be looking at the kerberos code to see what exactly is
involved.  Unfortunately to work with AFS, you need to use kerberos v4. :(
Hopefully OpenAFS will solve this problem.


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