Re: compiling gconf from CVS?

Gregory Leblanc <> writes:
> I'm trying to get gconf installed from CVS so that I can get nautilus up and
> running to check out the code that Ali has been working on.  I'm getting
> stuck running autoconf, I think because it can't find OAF or GLIB.  OAF (and
> a gnome-http) are compiled from the latest CVS as of this morning (8:30AM
> PDT), and installed into /opt/gnome_cvs/.  I tried setting
> GNOME_PATH=/usr:/opt/gnome_cvs/ but to no avail.  Anybody got any
> suggestions for me?  Thanks,


 ACLOCAL_FLAGS='-I /opt/gnome_cvs' ./ --prefix=/opt/gnome_cvs


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