RE: gdm on solaris

Title: RE: gdm on solaris

> De : Martin K. Petersen [mailto:mkp mkp net]
> Except for the gdmchooser, which does nasty ioctls to discover
> broadcast interfaces, GDM should compile cleanly on Solaris.
> I haven't tried it for a while, though.  Adding Solaris testing to my
> todo list...

Ok. Finaly, I made it work.
I used the gdm-2.0-beta4 as a base because it is the most recent one I was able to get
(A firewall forbid the access to a distant CVS server.) and also because I need a version that is stable enough to be used by customers that will be for the first time in front of a computer for some of them. I using Solaris7 on UltraSparc and gdm is to be used on several display of the same station thank to SunRays. Here is the context.

At first time it the compilation failed at link time because of setenv was missing.
That's was known bug so I found a solution watching on the internet.
That is maybe already corrected in gdm3.
I added the following lines in gdm.h
#define setenv(varname, varval, n) putenv(g_strdup_printf("%s=%s", (varname), (valval) ))

After this it compiled with no problem but it crashed at login time.
I found that it happened in gdm_slave_session_start() when ~user/.gnome/gdm file doesn't exist. I solved the probleme by replacing the line

usrcfgok = gdm_file_check ("gdm_slave_greeter", pwent->pw_uid, cfgdir, "gdm",
                TRUE, GdmUserMaxFile, GdmRelaxPerms);
by the line
usrcfgok = gdm_file_check ("gdm_slave_greeter", pwent->pw_uid, cfgdir, "gdm",
                FALSE, GdmUserMaxFile, GdmRelaxPerms);

I realize that I've not the most recent source and that maybe those problems have been solved.
But without cvs I can't reach a more recent code because I can't find gdm3 on ftp or on the web. ( firewall.)
And I not sure that gdm3 is stable enough to be used in a production place.

Now it seems to work.

Thanks for your answer.

Jérôme Mainaud
jmainaud klee fr

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