Re: Info on Gnome and multimedia

Miguel de Icaza writes:
 > > I would like to start several student projects related to multimedia
 > > transmission (facilities for videoconferencing and the like). I would
 > > like to suggest the stiudents to work within the Gnome
 > > framework. I wonder whether there is soemthing like an architecture
 > > for multimedia in Gnome, or libraries for multimedia, or any
 > > documentation avilable, or whatever (appart from esound, of which I
 > > already know).
 > It depends on what kind of work you are most interested in.  There is
 > a whole universe of things multimedia wise that need to be addressed.

We are currently at a starting point, where we are mainly interested
in looking at what is available, and playing with it before making
anything interesting.

 > You might want to talk to vladimir helixcode com as he has been
 > researching the various options for GNOME.

I'v put him in CC. Vladimir, is there any document on those options?
Or maybe you could summarize here?

 > If you are just interested in audio/display libraries, I think that
 > the best thing to use are the produced libraries for
 > this task.  

Are they included somehow in the Gnome framework? (or there are
plans to include them)

 > Ideally, we should write a quick-time like library that would handle
 > this kind of things, and that was a bonobo component that can be
 > reused.
 > Miguel.

Is anybody aware of a specification of QuickTime available on the Net?



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