ANNOUNCE: gtkhtml-0.8

The GtkHTML Team is proud to announce GtkHTML version 0.8 code named
"Lighthouse". This is the most recent unstable release of GtkHTML.

GtkHTML version 0.8 comes with many mind numbing new features and

New features:

    * Expanded Editor API exposed through CORBA
    * Support for subscript, superscript and strike-through text
    * Spelling support through the new gnome-spell component
    * Better html and plain text output
    * Improved table rendering 
    * Improved table printing
    * Improved internationalization support
    * Improved font management
    * Improved selection
    * Complete support for XHTML 1.0 entities


    * Faster table layout
    * Faster selection
    * Caching preferred width => improved overall speed


    * Improved localization, thanks go to Héctor García Álvarez,
      Zbigniew Chyla, Fatih Demir, Valek Filippov, Pier Luigi Fiorini,
      Christopher R. Gabriel, Kai Lahmann, Kjartan Maraas, Christophe
      Merlet, Jarkko Ranta, Christian Rose, Matthias Warkus

Tons of bug fixes...

The GtkHTML team would like to thank everyone that has helped make this
release possible.


This release of GtkHTML is binary and source incompatible with the
previous public release of GtkHTML.  Please see the README file for
further details.

      The GtkHTML Team

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