ANNOUNCE: PonG 0.7 "I can't think of a funny name"

A new PonG (v 0.7) is out.  If you wonder what PonG is:

IMPORTANT!  If you installed any previous version of PonG, first remove your
<prefix>/include/pong/ directory if you want things to work right.

PonG is a library for creating preference dialogs with a minimum of coding.
The description of the gconf keys and widgets are written in an XML file that
is read at runtime and the dialog is created and gconf magic is done.  All
you have to do on your side is listen for gconf changes.  It also allows the
preference dialogs to be run from a different program and actually even from
the command line.  It would also allow a registry editor to run the correct
preference dialog for some keys.

This release mostly fixes the things that were wrong with 0.5.  There is also
some preliminary bonobo code which doesn't work at all.  But for all you
lovers of dependencies, it does depend on bonobo.  This should not be hard to
finish and by next release you should be able to write pong interfaced
preference controls.

So what's in store before 1.0?  Mostly fixes and finish the unfinished and no
real large changes or additions.  It pretty much works in the places where it
is finished, and that should be good for most apps anyway.  It's still sorely
missing some native widgets for things like icons and pixmaps (you can use
the native gnome ones though).

Here're the changes:

New in 0.7:
		- Separate out everything by platform number, including all
		  includes, libraries and binaries.  Similar setup as say
		  GConf or new GTK+.  You will need to remove all your old
		  pong files (mainly include/pong directory) if you want
		  things to function properly now.

	pong (library):
		- Native color widget
		- Fix the files for gnome-config
		- Fixes

	pong-edit (GUI Editor):
		- Editting of widget types
		- Fixes and minor improvments
		- Actually installs its glade file

		- Actually something builds
		- Updated IDL file


George <jirka 5z com>
   In the fight between you and the world, back the world.
                       -- Franz Kafka

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