Re: storing ctree info in gnome_config

On Thu, Dec 21, 2000 at 12:06:23PM +1100, k_wayne linuxpower org wrote:
> hello list,
> Does anyone have any wisdom on how best to store information about a ctree
> structure using gnome_config?
> Can anyone point me to any gnome apps which have source code I can look at?
> I need to be able to easily rebuild a ctree from information stored in
> gnome_config... Would gconf do it any easier?

It all depends on what's the specific data that you're storing.  Sometimes it
may be simple, sometimes it may be hard.  It all depends.  If you are storing
arbitrary tree data, perhaps the way to do it might be to create an xml tree,
make it a string and store it like that.  That's not very nice though.
Perhaps if you gave what information is in your ctree it would give more of a
clue as to what to do about it.

Gconf vs. gnome_config will not really help you all that much in the TYPE of
data that you wish to store (though gconf will be easier to use for some
data).  What gconf really gives you is a separated model view controller

Also GConf was not written to write arbitrary data.  It was written for
configuration data only and it fills that job very well.  You may want to
just create an XML file and save it somewhere and then load it later if it's
more then quite simple data.


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