orbit leaks.

I have several corba objects that I pass structs to that contain strings.
Useing memprof, I saw that alot of memory was leaking. After a bit of
playing, I found that it was in the orbit generated code. At the end of
the generated code, it frees the struct. but, it has hardcoded CORBA_FALSE
to the destroy strings arg. So, every time it is leaking all the passed
strings. I know that it was done this way, so servers could be created
that dont use so much memory. But, there are probably alot of servers that
dont use that feature. Some way must be figured out to make this
configureable. One idea would to add a _release option to the servent
struct somewhere. This would allow you to choose the memory saveing way if
you want it, and the other objects can free it easily too.

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