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"Gurupartap Davis" <> wrote:
> I can't seem to find documentation for this widget, either.  Has anyone = 
> used it? 

I don't think there is any documentation for it, probably because the widget
is going to be replaced in GNOME 2 with the new 'gtkhtml' widget.
Basically, if you want to release your app before GNOME2 is available or you
want it to work on legacy GNOME 1 installations, use gtkxmhtml, otherwise,
check gtkhtml out of CVS and start using that (it's getting quite good now

A quick guide to getting GtkXmHTML up and running:

> GtkWidget *html = gtk_xmhtml_new(); /* Create the GtkXmHTML widget */
> gtk_xmhtml_source (GTK_XMHTML (html), "<html><head><title>Foo</title><body>HTML widget</body></html>"); /* pass a const char * to the HTML widget for displaying */

There are some other calls that can be used to change the style of links
(gtk_xmhtml_set_anchor_underline_type (GTK_XMHTML (html),
GTK_ANCHOR_SINGLE_LINE); will make it look "normal") and a few other things,
but that should be enough to get the widget existing and displaying.

The GNOME Help Browser uses the GtkXmHTML widget and is a fairly good source
of info on the widget, but it is spread all around the code and isn't that
easy to follow.

Does anyone have any links to a SGML/DocBook tutorial of some kind? If so,
I'll knock up a quick entry for GtkXmHTML for the gnomeui docs (it would be
incomplete since I haven't yet used/figured out all the API calls) if that
would be useful.
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