Re: [Fwd: Gnome office]

Federico Mena Quintero <> writes:

> >  I received this mail re: the gnome office web site, and I can't
> >  answer it...  Is anyone here developing a reference manager? (I
> >  can't even claim to know what one is =)
> If he means a contact manager such as gnomecard, then yes, one is in
> progress in the Evolution module.

It may actually mean a citation manager like EndNote (or, in the
limited UI sense, BibTeX).  I'm kind of working on one, but I wouldn't
count on it being done anytime soon.  (I don't think I've looked at it
for at least 6 months....)

Alan Shutko <> - In a variety of flavors!
The devil finds work for idle circuits to do.

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