Re: Directory-change notification (was Re: Desktop)

On Mon, Feb 14, 2000 at 09:59:41AM +0000, Aaron Lehmann wrote:
> I see a lot of kernel space discussion going on. By "the kernel", I think
> you mean "the Linux kernel". Please keep in mind that Linux is not the
> only Unixlike OS and not everyone uses it. Last time I checked gnome ran
> on other platforms and I think that is not something which would be good
> to break.

Well I don't think they're proposing only to run this on linux.  However if
something can be added to the kernel which will make the implementation less
error prone and more efficent on linux then it should be done.  There will of
course be wrappers to run on older linux versions and all the other systems
that gnome is supposed to run on.  Perhaps if it's added some sort of glib
wrapper could be written which would encapsulate it and offer a single API
which would either use the linux kernel feature or it would fall back to some
dumb way of doing things.  Well perhaps this is beyond the scope of glib, but
then again glib includes a lot of somewhat exotic things that aren't used
so often.


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