Questions about GNOME launcher and terminals


I run RedHat 6.1, 2.2.12-20 with GNOME 1.054 and libc 2.1.2.
I have strange behavior in my GNOME terminals. I saved all
my terminal attributes ("Remember State" menu item), it
still does not behave properly:

1. It does not save original windows layouts in multiple
   desktops between reboots. It places all windows into
   one desktop in arbitrary order even if I asked to save
   current configuration at the logout.

2. I cannot make the GNOME terminal to produce the same
   size of window as a terminal launcher does. It remembers
   all other parameters but size.

3. Between reboots the terminal launcher looses all information
   about window parameters. Interestingly, the windows still
   remember their parameters, but not the launcher.

Is it an expected behavior?

Any help is very appreciated,

Jacob Nikom

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