grdb 0.0.1 (krdb for gnome)

Hello again...

Sorry, if you don't think this is the appropriate place to post this.

grdb wants to end up gnome's equivalent to krdb. Currently, you'll have
to run it at gnome startup and each time you change your theme.

I put a more respectable tar ball up at

It uses the same format .ad files as krdb.

For the "official" 0.0.1 release, I added some meager attempts at
documentation and now include the .ad files in the tarball.
Please see the README file for more information.

I added a NEWS file to list changes to the program. Basically, since the
first post, I've replaced the tmp file by using popen() and changed
grdb to look for its system datafiles in `gnome-config --datadir`/grdb 
by default, both on suggestion Chris Ausbrooks, who made the initial post
asking for grdb.

Still no font support and no user data files. I haven't quite worked out
how to tackle fonts yet.

There's also no "make install" yet. Again, the README has some notes on
setting this up.

grdb isn't very featureful, but it should be stable.

For 0.0.2, I will be switching to autoconf. Once that is in place and 
make install/uninstall, etc. is working, I plan to post to gnome-announce
instead of here.

I'm still interested in opinions and suggestions. The mappings of colors is
definitely not right yet, but it'll get there.


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