Re: gdk-pixbuf 0.5 distorting images while scaling

"Adam Sleight" <> writes:

> Wondering when gdk-pixbuf scales images if it's not properly drawing the image
> on the right side of the image. It's 1 pixel or 2 pixel line which looks
> garbaled with random colors, distorted.  This is with gdk-pixbuf 0.5
> my comment below:
> > #2) gdk-pixbuf there must be a bug or something.  Every single picture
> > using 90% screen with random shading effects.....On the RIGHT SIDE of
> > the picture one or two pixels down the whole side of the picture it's
> > distorted.  These pictures are of various sizes happens each and
> > everytime.  With Imlib there is nothing like it's probably
> > just a bug in gdk-pixbuf.
> reply from Stevo.... programmer of chbg & pavuk
> I think, that it is realy gdk-pixbuf bug, probably in function
> gdk_pixbuf_render_to_drawable() . I tried to debug that, but I get lost
> inside the gdk-pixbuf sources. Also I have problems with 8bit depth
> displays when showing .gif/.xpm files with gdk-pixbuf.

If what you mean by "distorted" is garbled pixels at the boundary,
then this should be fixed in the version in CVS now. I guess we need
to make another release soon.

If gdk-pixbuf is bending and warping your images, then I have no clue,
though it would be a cool bug. :-)


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