Re: Directory-change notification (was Re: Desktop)

On 21 Feb 2000, Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> In any case, we will almost certainly end up doing some sort of
> background checking process like this for Nautilus, and we'll evaluate
> what kind of system load it imposes.
> As far as the kernel code for notification about file and directory
> changes goes, that would be nice to see, but GNOME has to be portable,
> so active polling based checking will still need to be implemented.
>  - Maciej

Why not put notification code only in the gnome libs ?
The average gnome user probably uses only gnome applications or will
when then finalization of full-featured applications will be achieved.

The background process could still be used but optionally, when the user
checks the relevant button in the relevant config applet. (sth like "I
want to use non-gnome applications")

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