RE: EFS and gnome/kde (was Re: Request: Test suite for EFS.)

> Would it be possible to use the tar format, instead of a special
> gnome/kde-file-in-a-filesystem format?
> Tar is standard, and will probably remain as a standard for compund files.

While i am no expert or even care (at this point in time) in EFS. I would 
like to point out that this has been discussed before. Somebody (Miguel I 
think) outlined EXPLICITLY why tar was not possible. There is /nothing/ 
wrong with EFS. It /is/ a filesystem - except all stored in one file. 
Having a whole /filesystem/ is /MUCH/ more powerful than having one tar 
format (its also probably more efficient). 

I think this is Havoc's 'backseat coder' analogy. Unless you have 
actually coded or have experience or have benchmarks with this tarfs/EFS 
then you can make comments about it. Otherwise, just leave it up to the 
GNOME hackers to sort out.

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