RE: EFS and gnome/kde (was Re: Request: Test suite for EFS.)

> > I think this is Havoc's 'backseat coder' analogy. Unless you have 
> > actually coded or have experience or have benchmarks with this tarfs/EFS 
> > then you can make comments about it. Otherwise, just leave it up to the 
> > GNOME hackers to sort out.
> It was a question.
> Dont call me a "backseat coder".
> Btw, I DO have experience from coding filesystems.
> However I DON't have experience from EFS or tar.

By calling somebody a backseat coder - well i don't mean it as an insult. 
I just mean it as in "dont comment if you're not knowledgeable about the 
topic" (i.e. EFS or tar) - I'm sure the people who have hacked on EFS and 
tar have more knowledge than you or I. And as long as there are tools to 
read/write to EFS I don't see what the problem is. (As long as its fast 
and efficient). 

Anyway, my apologies for calling you a "backseat coder" if you take 
offense at it.
> I think this is rather a "no one that isn't coding on my project, should
> talk about, or have questions about it" analogy.
> GNOME is an open project, right?
> And I do have rights to ask questions about an open project, whithout being
> told to shut up, or am I wrong?

Yes - but asking questions that have /just/ been awnsered will not get a 
response from the usual people. I've just been /browsing/ the thread 
lightly and your question was /just/ discussed and awnsered. I figure 
that if you wish to comment on the topic, then read the whole thread first.
> Im sorry that I didn't realize that EFS was a TRUE filesystem, but you could
> have told me so in another way.

Like I said, my apologies. I didn't mean it in an "offensive" way - I 
just noticed a lot of people bashing EFS without being very knowledgeable 
about it (i.e. "its new", "why not <X>", "why not <Y>") and i fear that 
many of these people have not looked at EFS - They just want something 
that they know/understand rather than something new.

Again sorry :)

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