PATCH: gsu

Hi all,

After a brief discussion yesterday on the evils of suid'ing gtk
programs, I have fixed up gsu-test.c in gnome-utils/mini-utils/gsu
to take command line args and pass them to gsu-helper. 

See the ChangeLog for a list of what was changed.

I had to undef USE_PAM (in gsu-helper) to get it work for me.  I'll 
look into this when I get a chance and I haven't looked at the corba
stuff at all yet.

Command line differences with 'normal' su:

        * A bare '-' (for login shell) is not supported
          use -l instead.

        * To specify a user other than root (the default if not 
          specified) use -u USER

All that's left is to re-enable it in gnome-utils/ and
change the name of the generated executable (after review and
security audit of course).


PS.  The permissions for gsu-helper need to be -rwsr-xr-x and owned by

diffs to gsu sources

Vince Hodges                             "Beware geeks bearing diffs"

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